Why Going To The Beach Is Right For You

Most people smile when they think about their favourite day at the beach. Why? Why is that the beach makes us happy? Why do we sit at our office’s desk and often think about a beautiful sunny day at the beach with sand-filled between our toes and the sounds of the waves and seagulls? As it turns out, going to the beach is really good for us! It seems that our bodies already know this, and that is why we are often longing to feel the sand, the sun and the breeze at the beach.

Salty water is right for your skin

Salty water is good for your skin. It is full of minerals like calcium, sodium and magnesium. Some of these ingredients are found in our daily vitamins that our organs crave for, so it stands to reason that our skins would love them too. Salty water also helps with seasonal allergies. Some of us use saline nose spray to help fight some allergic reactions. A swim in a beach is undeniably more beautiful than a nasal spray any time of day. Did you know that swimming in cold waters activates the temperature receptors beneath your skin and helps in the release of hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and endorphins. Cold liquids are premises that actually boosts our immunity system and in relieving pains and aches through activating some hormones.

Sand is a natural exfoliate

How much have you spent on exfoliants for your body and feet in an attempt to make your skin feel softer and younger-looking? Why not just take a walk on the beach and swim? The sand from the beach is one of the best natural exfoliants for your skin. While we would not use sand on our faces because it is rough, for the feet, however, it is perfect. It is effortless to exfoliate your feet on the beach. You just have to go and search for the shells, as you treasure hunt along the ocean, the sand is gently exfoliating the skin on your feet. The more you walk, the better the exfoliation. It is like you’re getting a natural spa treatment which ends with some excellent souvenir collection.

Sunshine is an excellent source of vitamin D

Do you know that your body is a manufacturer of vitamin D? That is right. When your skin gets exposed to the sun, it uses the UVB rays from the sun to manufacture Vitamin D. This vitamin is used throughout your body to help the immune system and cardiovascular health. It also helps in strengthening your bones and regulating the insulin levels. So when you are on your treasure hunt along the beach, expose yourself to the sun and encourage your body to make some more vitamin D that it needs. Also bear in mind that although the sun help our body in manufacturing vitamin D, too much exposure can cause some sunburns which can lead to some types of cancers. Therefore moderate your exposure to the sun.

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